Do we listen?

November 21, 2019

Do we listen?

Successful people are always asked if they knew they would always become successful, the answer is never compellingly clear, some allude to knowing from a young age and some that they had no clue. On some level we all want a crystal clear sign to give us the security we need, because really, we can all relate to the frustration and hopelessness of not knowing with utmost certainty what it is we are meant to be doing. Without some extra ordinary or highly influential upbringing where do the vast majority of us start answering these questions?

We have to start with the awareness of our conditioning, we have been conditioned to view the world through one set of eyes and mindset. We solve for a definition of success that we are fed our entire lives and thus we are “deaf” to the voice inside our head that is trying to direct us. Schools tells us to think a certain way, parents tell us to behave in a certain way and media makes us define success in a narrow minded, materialistic way. Sadly this noise is not something we can easily cut out, it consumes us, clouds our judgement and ability to read the signs that we are being given. While we feed this and we are slaves to it, the truth is we have a choice, all we need to do is listen.

That voice you wake up with and go to sleep with is your built in compass, it is your soul, your nature, your intuition, the purest form of you, the mother ship, the essence, the you and the I. The voice is relentless, nagging and always acting in your highest good and highest purpose. You have silenced it yes, but it manifests. Your fatigue, lethargy, depression, anxiety and numbness are all symptoms of an inner voice repressed. Listening to this voice and setting yourself on its path is key to becoming who you are and key to navigating this confusing and lonely place we live in.

 “When you are truly quiet, your inner voice is at its loudest”

Take the time over the next week to be especially self-aware and fill in this simple template below to really help you understand what the inner voice is trying to say. These are the main inputs some expressed as a range from 1-10:

  • Energy : Assess your energy levels and note whether you feel energized (10) or drained (1)
  • Emotion : Be aware of your emotional state and note whether you feel positive (10) or negative (1) emotions
  • Inner language : Listen to your thoughts and note if you are saying negative (1) or positive (10) things
  • Success level: How well did you execute the task or activity well (10), poor (1)
  • Type of activity : What type of work / activity are you carrying out , creative, administrative, planning, meetings, presenting, physical, organizing (add more) – no range required


Time of day Type of activity Energy Emotion Inner language Success level Average
Morning (6-11 am)
Afternoon (12-5 pm)
 Evening (6-10 pm)


Averages interpretation:

1-3 : Activities that drain your energy and are not in line with your purpose

4-7 : Activities that you may somewhat enjoy but cannot do in the long term as your main purpose

8-10 : Activities that energize you and you look forward to doing and are most in line with your true purpose

Ignore the skeptic in you for a second and use this as the real eye opener it is for the many that use this exercise, you will begin to see your day to day life in such a meaningful way. Note how much valuable time you spend doing activities that fit into that sweet spot of 8-10 and those versus time spent in the 1-3 range. Your inner voice is trying to tell you to to focus on those activities that fit into the sweet spot.

It’s scary how many of us walk around with no direction and no regard for what we are all crying out for, to aspire to be the best versions of ourselves, to at the very least touch our true potential. Sadly we are preoccupied with the version of us that belongs to society and those around us. It’s about time you take your borrowed self back and let that inner defiant voice speak, the one that believes and trusts that a newer version of yourself is always on the horizon.

Let us know what you think about this topic, are you letting your inner voice be muted by your own distractions or fears, did the exercise make you aware of your activities or are you fully aware but struggling to implement?

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