Altair is a creative brand that brings together 2 concepts:

Ultimately we are passionate about creating quality products that are simple in design yet timeless in relevance. In addition, the brand is always creating an awareness of our most pressing journey, that of moving closer to our true selves. Everything from our products, blogs and social channels to our packaging will always have a very real and intentional message. 

Ultimately our clothing needs to be worn as a symbol of intention, a constant intention to discover. 


The intrinsics

Altair appeals to anyone who is aware of the presence of a better version of themselves and is willing to create a path to that place. Someone who values:

A sense of purpose : A constant pursuit of something bigger and grander through one's natural talent and ability 

Humility: Being grounded in ones origins and having an awareness of the ego

Authenticity: Being who you say you are and acting in line with your essence


Design philosophy

Quality : Altair believes wholly in creating clothing that lasts, we make use of premium fabrics, optimising for quality, fit and feel around the body

Simplicity: We believe in focusing on the things that matter most, the things that make a garment what it is, no distractions. Most of our design focuses on function, simple colour schemes, creative details and purposeful print

Timeless: We believe in a healthy balance between trends and style that lasts. We want to create garments that represent enduring modern design

Story: In line with our core purpose, our clothing will always tell a story, whether it be in print, design, packaging or value add content, there will be a consistent dedication to delivering an impactful message

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