The path

The Path is a holistic view of the stages of discovery we find ourselves in and serves as the creative inspiration and direction we follow, its story...

What really keeps us awake at night is the attainment of a state of mind. Memes, fads and trends may keep us going throughout the day but what really plagues us in our silence is actually a vision of who we really want to be and the reasons why we are not. Every person can relate to being on some form of a journey to understanding this most pertinent issue. We all want a place, significance, worth, ambition, purpose, meaning, success - anything that will make us make more sense.

Famed scholars, authors, psychologists and creatives have toyed with the idea of a universal journey that we are all on, something that popular culture uses extensively. We see it often with movies, series and artists, we binge watch to know what happens next or follow celebs closely mostly because something in all of us relates to the very same journey the protagonist is on. We want to see them succeed because we want to know that we can succeed. We need hope.

The Altair journey is actually more of a path, a path is less linear and less sequential and actually all we can see on our path is just the few steps ahead of us. At Altair we are really interested in the modern day path we walk today and now.

The Path to understanding who we are and what we are supposed to be doing with our time, it is that of setting ourselves free. This path is exactly where we see our purpose as a brand unfolding. We want to accompany people on their path. We want to chip away at the layers that have become a part of you and help you get back to the essence of you. We want to restore the connection in the disconnect and allow you to.... become who you are.

Through exceptionally designed product and this driving purpose we aim to illuminate the path, our only hope is that you will join us.

Detail on each phase of the path: 

Origin: ”Knowing our starting point allows us to start”. Our human literal birth or a rebirth after a wave of growth or change. Owing to our state of “purity” we feel a sense of contentedness or maybe even enlightenment.

Exposure: ”At the eye of a storm”. What we become exposed to has the largest possible effect on the way we think and the stage of our evolution we are at. 

Separation: ”We are apart of parts of ourselves”. The mere barrage of information and stimuli especially relevant in today's world forces a wedge between who we are, were and want to become.

Distraction: ”Drowning out the loudest voice in your head”. As we immerse ourselves more into the exposure and as the separation deepens, we begin to enjoy a state of numb relief from the truths that our path requires.

Awareness: ”The light”. We begin to actively ask what lessons are being given in the classroom of life. Intuition is honed and we learn to navigate the signs we receive

The pull: ”The whisper”. Something in all of this “mess” always manages to catch our proverbial eye. A song, a book, a picture a movie or an idea somehow begins to do something inside of us that nothing else does.

The push: ”Walk towards the fear”. A slow build up of events, voices in your head or even a dramatic turn of events can make one sit up and listen and feel the pull.

The calling: "That, that is larger than you and what you can imagine”. The clear articulation and commitment to what it is we have been chasing and an understanding of what we need to do. 

The hustle: ”Work with flow and grit”. As an embodiment and manifestation of the calling we are drawn to create projects that help us heed the calling, often something aligned with our passion and skills.

Success: "The “Destination” ". Through sheer determination and hard work our projects often yield success of some shape or form be it intangible or tangible. We can look back with admiration at the vision we started out with and the end result.

Temptation: ”I can wander”. Distraction and separation follows us throughout our journeys and often times rears its head when we have tasted success and presents itself as temptation, that familiar feeling of enjoyment and pleasure returns.

Question: ”What are we chasing?”. Once the highs of achievement begin to dissipate we take the time to question what it is we have achieved and whether or not it has taken us any closer to the state of mind or person we saw ourselves attaining.

Evolution: ”Another piece to the never-ending masterpiece”. Being able to take stock of what we have come through and understand fully what that means for our path is a very real form of evolution, one of the mind.

State of mind: ”Meaning”.  The place where the past and future matter much less than the current state of mind, one that knows.

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