The beginning


 The journey of finding one's self is one that we have lived and will continue to live. It is the pain and anguish of waking up and going to sleep without answers that fuels us to collectively seek more and fueled us to create this brand. We don't have all the answers but we are passionate about finding those that we can and for those that we can't, understanding that perhaps this lifetime was here to teach us what we don’t know. 

Being a part of the corporate machine allowed us to experience the suggested life, the so called “Promised Land”. We threw ourselves into the stardom of the corporate world and the promise it held of meteoric success. We worked our way through with the utmost determination and vigor as we pursued whatever ladder seemed most attractive at the time. It became the norm to dedicate our entire beings into our work, looking forward to the oasis that was the weekend. We filled the spaces and time with distractions which seemed the most comfortable way to avoid how we really felt. We chose not to reflect.

We soon realised that our hearts and souls wanted something more, something we couldn’t find. Something that spoke to a bigger more meaningful purpose, something that would make waking up in the morning akin to Christmas morning and not – Black Monday. This cycle had become all too cliché, and in the cliché lay the truth. All along we chased instant gratification and that which others told us was the silver bullet and we never stopped to ask ourselves one simple question - “who am I”

As we witnessed an undercurrent of fear about the level of disengagement we face as a generation, the apparent numbness that has gripped us through widespread media, digitization and pop culture, we also saw something else. There was a genuine awakening that was emerging. A sub-culture of people who embrace modern day life but are aware enough to ask themselves this pressing question. We wanted to be a part of this awakening.

"We decided to create a brand with a very real purpose and message for the culture of people that decided to be a part of it"

So Altair is really an embodiment of these questions and of the awakening, through our love of clothing, products and our pursuit of those simple yet vitally important answers we decided to create a brand with a very real purpose and message for the culture of people that decided to be a part of it. Ultimately we want not only to express ourselves artistically but to do so with a tangible impact.

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